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Family Culture. Growth. Industrious.

Family Culture. Growth. Industrious. That’s what established Adelphi Property Advisors from the ground up, and that’s what keeps us going every day.

As a full-service commercial real estate company, Adelphi Property Advisors specializes in sales, leasing, and property management. It all started when brothers Jeff and Mica Berg decided they wanted to change the way property owners work with agents—and to do it within a close-knit office culture.

Having been in the commercial real estate industry in Las Vegas since 2007, Jeff and Mica sat down one day and asked themselves two questions. How can we create the most value for our clients? And how can we create the most value for our agents?

The questions seemed simple, but as the two brothers tried to envision the perfect work environment, they realized just how much there was to consider. They reflected on their nearly two decades of previous client success stories and the factors that had made them one of the most accomplished real estate teams in Las Vegas. They reflected on their years of playing competitive sports and what had helped them play their best and have the most fun. And they thought about how they could carry all that over into Adelphi, to provide their customers with the absolute best service while remaining excited to come into the office every day.

And so Jeff and Mica launched their brokerage with the mission to build an environment based on three key principles: family, growth, and industriousness. They’ve worked hard to bring in agents and employees who will not only provide the best possible service to their clients, but also thrive on connecting and collaborating with each other. They’ve stayed focused on continuously pushing the bar to produce the highest quality marketing material, both in print and digitally.

And it has worked. While Jeff and Mica lead Adelphi Property Advisors with vision and innovation, they know how to see things like an agent. That’s what makes Adelphi an amazing brokerage for agents. It’s also what makes Adelphi an amazing brokerage for clients. Because when we provide the most comprehensive tools, strategies, and materials to our agents, it means a competitive edge and successful outcomes for our clients.

All of us at Adelphi Property Advisors continue to learn and grow, striving to be the best version of ourselves every day. We continue to listen, ask questions, and work from a team mindset. And we continue to maintain our strong family culture, while producing record-breaking results for our clients.

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