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Mica Berg

Mica Berg

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." - Harry Truman

MeetMica Berg

As the youngest of three brothers, Mica Berg grew up always having to bring his best in order to keep up. Now, that same practice of bringing his best has helped make him one of the most active commercial real estate sales brokers in Las Vegas. Not only has he been hired as a listing agent by some of the city’s largest developers and owners, but he has also transacted over 200 successful sales. Yet as someone who thrives on building connections with his clients, Mica enjoys working with owners of a single property just as much as with developers looking to sell their entire portfolio.

It’s no surprise, then, that Mica is known to both colleagues and clients as hardworking and accessible. Having been in the business since 2007, Mica and his brother eventually decided to launch their own company, Adelphi Property Advisors, and haven’t looked back. With their combined experience and expertise, the two of them have continued living out their dedication to excellence while pushing each other forward and having each other’s backs. It’s an incredible adventure filled with challenges and rewards—and one made even better by being surrounded by family. So whether it’s implementing the most effective marketing strategies for his clients and agents, mastering the process of investment sales, or implementing the latest technology, Mica continues to approach every day with passion, determination, and a commitment to always bringing his best.

Questions ForMica

What is it that draws you to commercial real estate?

It really comes down to the enjoyment of connecting with my clients and meeting so many inspiring people, from developers to entrepreneurs. My work has shown me that everybody truly is unique, and I’ve found it so rewarding to help people achieve their goals. I also really love being able to use my creativity to help my clients. One of the best parts of my job is designing marketing plans, because it allows me to combine my creative and analytical sides as I build customized marketing packages for every property.

Having sold properties for some of the largest real estate owners and developers in Las Vegas, it has also been amazing to study their success stories and incorporate those lessons into my own journey.

What’s one of the most memorable things you’ve done in Las Vegas?

For a recent birthday, I was talked into bungee jumping off the Stratosphere. It didn’t seem that scary—until I was standing over the ledge looking down. It was at that moment that everything changed, because I was literally 1,000 feet up in the air, and everybody at the bottom looked like ants.
And I was about to jump.

That’s when I asked the workers how many people hadn’t survived. When they assured me that everybody had made it down safely, I figured I’d be okay.

Tell us about one thing on your bucket list.

I’ve always wanted to fly in an F15 fighter jet. Being close to Nellis Air Force Base, it’s not uncommon to hear the roar of fighter jets and get a feel for what Mach 2 might be like. I’d love to feel the G-force and everything those pilots experience. The speed is obviously a huge thrill, but the reason it’s on my bucket list actually goes deeper than that. In fact, I always get choked up at a main event when the Air Force flies over our heads, because it’s a reminder of just how fortunate we are, and of all the opportunities we have in this country.

Have you experienced any funny moments on the job?

I flew to Southern California to meet an owner and make a listing presentation to sell his Las Vegas shopping center. What I didn’t realize was that we would be meeting at his convenience store—while he was running the cash register. I found myself standing there in my suit and tie, presenting to him during an unusually hot summer day. Every two minutes, somebody would walk in to buy something, and I’d have to move to the side and wait by the door so the customer could pay.

It was awkward to say the least, but that meeting actually taught me two things. First, I realized that if I could successfully present in that environment, then presenting in an air-conditioned conference room should be no problem. I also learned how much business some of those convenience stores can actually generate.

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